Rotan School Board praises maintenance department

 Rotan ISD Spotlighted the maintenance department at the school board meeting Monday night. Earlier this year, Rotan ISD hired Ray Doak as the school’s maintenance director. Doak took the board members on a tour of the facility, so they could see for themselves the changes he and his department have made. 

   His main focus was on the building, which was at one time used as the ag building, but in recent years been used for storage. Doak’s idea is to use the building as the maintenance hub. The building that once housed old office furniture and student records is now full of tractors, mowers, and tools. 

“We’ve concentrated on centralizing equipment from the bus barn, the shed, and the office next door all here. We’ve created a tool room we can lock and keep everything inside.” For accountability and tracking, they have a sign out sheet posted for all equipment.  

   They have brought all fixtures, parts, electrical, and plumbing inside and organized it. The new goal is to have maintenance for cars as well as the other equipment such as tractors and mowers in the hub and use the bus barn for the larger equipment.

   “We’ve still got some things to do, and things we want to do. I’m trying not to spend any money,” said Doak.

   The next step for Doak is to acquire his chemical applicator’s license. The state requires school facilities to have an integrated pest management (IPM) coordinator, a position the school no longer has. 

   In response to a phone call, the state surprised the school with an audit last week. Although, no official findings have been provided by the state, one of the concerns needing immediate attention was...



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