More hypocrisy from the entertainment industry

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By BS Cates
I was driving down the road engrossed in thoughts heavy from recent tragedies. As I rounded a bend in the road, there were several children walking along the curb. Suddenly the horrible question dropped into my head – What kind of person, could turn the wheel a few inches and mow down the kids like so much grass. Normal humans can’t even summon a thought that grotesque, and will only realize the possibility because it has happened elsewhere in the world. The horrible thoughts of another person’s life snuffed out like some unimportant candle, and all the heartache experienced by those who love them. The answer of course is a sociopath…someone incapable of empathy. Someone who doesn’t care about your pain or suffering. Someone who will terminate a life and even sacrifice theirs, simply for a little notoriety. The thought is infuriating.

Then we have to listen to the concentrated bombardment of propaganda by the entertainment industry including the mainstream media, blaming guns. Only a person with limited reasoning abilities will blame dinner forks for their weight gain. Only a person with limited intelligence will blame a car for running over someone or blame a hypodermic needle for a drug overdose. Why aren’t these self-appointed protectors of mankind screaming for answers as to why our society is breeding psychopathic mutants? If they are so concerned with stopping these useless tragedies, why aren’t they donating large chunks of their vast wealth on psychological studies that will help us determine why someone would arbitrarily want to kill as many strangers as they can? This media brainwashing is intended to say, that we are all capable of these type vicious acts, and will commit them from time to time if we have the tool at our disposal. This is of course completely ludicrous and there has never been psychoanalytic evidence supporting any such nonsense.

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