Real Problems, Our Problems

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By James Decker

At the recent West Texas Rural Summit, drug addiction—causes, challenges, solutions—was a hot topic. This is a complicated topic that has been on my heart for a while. I hope my readers indulge me as I start a multi-part series on drugs. If we are serious about addressing this problem in our communities, and we should be, this topic deserves a comprehensive look, not just a summary. As we work to improve our communities— beautify them, bring jobs and amenities, make them more prosperous for all—drugs must be tackled by all of our community leaders.

When we think about drugs in our community, a few easy images come to mind. We think of marijuana. We think of out-of-town dealers selling to our locals. We almost certainly think of people cooking and using meth. Those images are all accurate pieces of the puzzle. But the puzzle itself is far more complicated and concerning.

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