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We get inundated every day with incredible amounts of negative clutter. Whether it’s the news, television shows, or the firehose of information on social media, listen to it long enough and you’ll start to believe some pretty glum things. Kids are lazy and unambitious and never do anything but play on their phones. Everyone is more concerned with their own self-interest than the good of the world.

Well, if you want to be optimistic about the work ethic of our youth, spend some time at a local junior livestock show. While you’re there, you’ll also learn about the generosity of local communities. The experience might reassure you about the general future of America.

Weldon Holbrooks became the vocational agriculture teacher at Stamford in 1955. One of his duties was to organize a livestock show for his students. With his vision colored by his experiences as a student and as a teacher elsewhere, Mr. Holbrooks wanted to oversee a stock show that would provide opportunities and rewards for as many students as possible. No matter whether the student’s animal came in first place or last place, that student would get some prize money and not be left out in the cold. If a student had a project but the show did not have a class for that student’s project, Mr. Holbrooks would create a class. Stories abound from years past of students exhibiting traditional cattle, swine, and sheep, but also everything from exotic fowl to purebred dogs.

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