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What a beautiful day April 8, 2019, is, the sun is shinning the wind is not blowing a gale, and it's just a wonderful day. Joe got his garden planted, he dug him a tomato bed on the east side the house, put a little dike all around it to hold the water, and him four tomato plants, one beef master, one early girl, one celebrity, and one of those yellow pear tomatoes. I told him if they make we will have enough for all the neighbors!!!!!! Then we went to Rotan to Martin's Feed and Garden and got him some more onion plants, his that he put out early just flat died, and unless it was just too cold on them I don't know why they did. Mother always put hers out early in February and they made huge onions every time, but this year they just flat died. And of course you know what Carol bought it wasn't anything to plant in the garden and eat, it was flowers, oh she had some of the prettiest ones, and they said, 'Carol take me home with you to Aspermont and put me on your front porch." The farmer I live with said, "Carol you sure are going to have a hard time eating those flowers, and my seed I bought I can eat>" I told him well you will share with me because you will want me to cook what you make so we'll come out even!!!!!!He picked his polk and fixed it himself, I told him Mother always picked the polk salad, cooked it, and the lambs quarter, but I never helped her, so it was a good thing he knew how his Mom cooked it, and I sure wasn't eating any of it with him it didn't even look good, but he ate it like candy!!!!! We got a nice rain early Friday morning so all of his garden looks really pretty.

When we went to Rotan, we planned it so we could eat lunch with Jay and we got to. He was working on his tractor, so Joe and he fixed his tractor while we ate lunch. Joe just enjoys Jay so much because they talk the farming and all that stuff and Joe really misses not getting to work, but his old hands author just bites on them. He helped Lance fix his lawn mower, and his hands just killed him that night they hurt so bad, Some of the neighbors saw them working on it, and they came up here, "Oh! Joe are you working on lawn mowers again I sure need some work done." He said, "No just on mine and my kids, my old hands will just not let me do it." If you have never noticed Joe's hands they are big, and let me tell you when they hurt, they are a world of hurt.

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