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“To succeed in life, you need three things: a wishbone, a backbone, and a funny bone.” ~ Reba McIntire

Some people want to ride a camel across the desert, or ride in a hot air balloon or go diving in a shark cage, but those things don’t appeal to me. My heart has been set on doing something far more dangerous than any of those.

I’m talking about spending an hour or two at Wally-World, dodging the crowd, reading labels, and sorting out coupons to save a dollar. My feet hurting and my back tired, waiting for the biggest challenge of the day: figuring out how I’m going to survive the exit ritual, otherwise known as the rite of passage for so-called, valued customers. If we make it through, we can go on with our lives.

My sweaty palms stick to the thin plastic bags that I load my items in that I had just purchased. “Purchased” is the keyword. It doesn’t matter how many bags of groceries I have, or how heavy they are, I have an hour drive home and start heading to the door, dreading facing the woman at the exit door holding her scan gun, which strangely looks like a stun gun I saw on a Cops show. There may be a line of customers she has pulled over, and we are expected to wait our turn to be re-scanned, and our receipt checked to see if we have stolen anything. We are all suspects in the line-up.

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