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“Sometimes a short walk down memory lane is all it takes to appreciate where you are today.” ~Susan Gale

When someone in our family is ill, the word spreads quickly, and people show up empty handed but with lots of opinions. Usually, I end up cooking for a platoon, well maybe not entirely, but a minimum of a dozen. I’m always happy to see everybody, but I also know from past experiences, there are still those who enjoy stirring up trouble by digging up the past. There are also the ones with big, pompous attitudes and bellies who like to wave their personal political flags, and I dreaded that the most. My family is strange and unpredictable, and that’s putting it as nicely as I can.

One by one, they came, cell phones wet with spit from yelling about things best left unsaid. They were giving me lots of good writing material to take back home to Texas. Before answering the doorbell, I took a quick glance at the security camera to see who was at the door so I could prepare myself. I tried gently to remind everybody that we were there to be kind and speak only loving things to and about each other, including the rest of the world, nationalities, and cultures. Since I hadn’t been around my family for three years, I made the executive decision to add Donald Trump and Nancy Pelosi to the list. They have their own zip code.

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