City of Roby continues to address dilapidated structures

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In the continuation of the efforts started over a year ago to address dilapidated buildings and homes in Roby, the city council approved the order to demolish two structures in upcoming weeks.

City Manager Jack Brown explained that once the council approves the order, it would be forwarded to the attorney along with the council’s decision to remove, repair, or demolish a structure, who in turn, will notify the property owner of the order's execution date. In this case, each of the two properties is to be demolished.

Last year the Roby City Council entered into an agreement with the Texas Community Group, LLC (TCG), who has been working with the city to provide code enforcement services. The tax form has a great powerful tool for tax foreclosure, but with many properties, nothing has happened in those tax sales.

TCG’s concept is that properly marketing foreclosed properties creates an increase of competitive bidders, which, in turn, increases the likelihood of taxing entities recouping higher values on the property when sold. TCG’s agreement with the City of Roby includes the maintenance and upkeep of the city’s ordinances, inspecting properties, notifying property owners of violations, and negotiating with owners when necessary.

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