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"A perfect love is not all about devotion and loyalty, it understands little tiny things." - M.F. Mionzajer

Like it always is this time of year, that last weekend before school starts are as bad as the last shopping day before Christmas, which I might add is only four months away. There were shaggy headed kids and adults waiting like lambs to be sheared. All the chairs were full, I was number seven on the swelling list, but at least I found an unoccupied part of a wall to lean against and wait It would be ok because I had a book with me - always and to my grave probably. I wouldn't leave home without one. We all had someplace to be and something more important to do than the other person. Smart Phones were ablaze, scissors snipping locks falling to the floor, kids mentally arm wrestling with a parent to relent and not have it cut too short - the kids at school would laugh. Hair driers were screaming, voices rising to drown out the noise of the driers. Water was splashing from shampoo bowls like a birdbath full of sparrows on a hot day.

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