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2 Cents Worth


Well folks I thought we were going to get to set on the front porch this morning and visit but it's raining so I guess we'll just have to set at the kitchen table and visit. That's good place to visit this morning with a hot cup of coffee and some pumpkin bread what more could you ask for!!!!! In Kentucky Joe's big old farm house has a big front porch all the way on the front of it, he has a swing on it and four old fashioned rockers like our grandmothers had and I love to set on the front porch but not this morning although it's 60 degrees and of course the wind is not blowing like it does in Texas, so really it's nice outside if it wasn't raining. The rain is hard on the farmers they sure did want to get the soy beans harvested but it's just too wet. Joe and I went by the Hemp field to see how much they had got done before this rain set in and it's about half done so he's stopped too. David was like my Jay it hadn't rain the whole month of August and just when the soy beans got ready to harvest it started raining. Jay told us before we left Texas, "You just wait just as soon as the cotton gets ready to strip it will start raining. Joe told me yesterday this wet weather is good for stripping the tobacco plants it makes it easier to strip. When it's dry the plant just crumbles in your hand.

Joe and I got all the pears picked and they have become pear preserves and we were glad to get that job over with. The days it rained last week and we couldn't do anything else we peeled pears got us an assembly line going, I peeled and he cut them into the core is so hard I can't cut them into and then he cut them in small pieces and if he got behind I helped cut then into pieces. We have gone and picked more tomatoes, and hopefully we can get into the field and pick some of the green ones to bring back with us but if it rains all week, we can't get into the field and they are too far back to walk and get them.

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