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“Oh Eve, you faithless rib! What were you doing there at Adam’s side? Why did you strike down the sons of Adam, stripping from them the garment of virtue? Oh, children of Adam, why do you chase after this rib, to the destruction of your other bones, when you could live as well without it? You let yourself be robbed, destroyed, murdered and eternally damned for its sake.” ~ John Hus (c. 1369-1415)

Last week, Dr. John MacArthur celebrated 50 years of pastorate with a conference at his church, Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California. MacArthur, known as someone who doesn’t shy away from controversy, used the ‘Truth Matters Conference’ to help the Southern Baptists and their ‘headlong plunge’ toward allowing women preachers after a woman spoke at the SBC’s 2019 annual meeting, and at the same time, accusing the SBC of no longer believing in biblical authority. A Religious News Service reported MacArthur’s claim that turning over the teaching of Scripture to those who want power (i.e., women preachers & women in general), biblical authority is relinquished.

Like four bored high school boys, with bad breath, acne, no car, and no date on a Saturday night, MacArthur set up a panel to contemplate their navels and Beth Moore — a wonderful woman of God and Bible teacher who has helped thousands of women — maybe millions.

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