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Check Your Mirrors

Gladys was her name.

She insisted we call her “Grandmother.” Not Granny. Not Grandma. Not something quaint like Nana, Bitty, Pearl, or Honey. It had to be Grandmother. And so it was, to her face anyway. My dad, her precious baby boy, called her Granny and got away with it. Go figure.

Here are the facts about my dad’s mom as I recall them.

1. She was born to Ma and Pa Hardie (in rural Arkansas). That’s what she called them. That’s what my dad called them. I still am not sure of their real names but will get on before I finish the article and report back.

2. She had six sisters and two brothers: Ola, Buena, Hugh, Willie (a sister), Leslie (a brother) Myrta, Jewell, and Mary Frances.

3. She was a hot mess. This is absolutely not an opinion because I can prove it.

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