Rotan native at the tip of the spear

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Rotan native at the tip of the spear


While local school districts, churches, and other organizations joined the rest of the nation in honoring our nation’s veterans earlier this week on November 11, for a handful of Fisher County veterans, it is the day before that holds the deepest meaning. This past November 10, the United States Marine Corps celebrated its 244th birthday, older than the nation it protects.

Jim Nowlin grew up in a life of agriculture. As a farmer, his father wasn’t a prime candidate for the draft during WWII, as the nation needed agricultural production as much as soldiers and ammunition. He graduated from Rotan High School and went on to attend Texas Tech University. He hated it.

Jim had friends attending down south who encouraged him to join them in San Angelo. He thought about it and decided to skip the second semester and work. He enrolled in Angelo State later that summer.

Around a week after school started he got a draft notice. The speed of the US Selective Services Office was at peak efficiency in the 1960s, and Jim’s brief hiatus from school was enough to cause him to show up on the radar.

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