Stories from an East Texas Cowboy

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“Tell all them hands out there in the west These East Texas cowboys are still the best.”

Carroll Langham of Grapeland is one of those rare and fortunate individuals who can have outrageous experiences and relate them with vigor. He writes cowboy poetry and stories and has put some of them in 2 books. Their titles are THE CUSTOM COWBOYS OF HOUSTON COUNTY and THE RETURN OF THE CUSTOM COWBOYS OF HOUSTON COUNTY.

His wife kept hearing his stories and encouraged him to start writing some of them. That’s just what he has done the past 5 years. One of his stories is about a friend of his who killed a chicken snake just before the vet came to examine some cows.

”He thought how funny it would be to put that snake in one of them cows that the vet was checking. So he lubed the snake up good and put it in the cow’s rectum. The vet ran his arm in the cow and there was something in there that wasn’t supposed to be. He began pulling the snake out and it was folded up pretty good. When it came out and fell on the floor it started to unfold. It looked like it was alive. The vet was so scared he turned and ran, scrambling to get away from that snake.”

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