2 Cents Worth

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2 Cents Worth


Good morning to all of you, hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas, and are looking forward to a new year, hope all of God's blessings fall on all of you. Joe and I had a wonderful Christmas, we did get tired had it a whole week, and some of the "toys" the great grand kids got blew our minds, sure am glad they didn't expect us to play with them, they knew just what to do with all those electronic toys they got. How times have changed, as Joe says, " Wonder what they would do with that

toy tractor my dad made me craved out of wood." I told him they would probably hook it up to that "thing" they hook everything up to and it would run by itself!!!!

Did all of you read "Me and My Jeans a Love Story by Gary W, Moore a few weeks ago in the paper. Well I did and what a chuckle I got out of it, thank you Gary for a bright spot in my life. I can certainly feel for your wife, my husband is a blue jeans husband, too, in fact he's a lot like you, put him a sport coat on with his jeans and he can go anywhere, forget that he has dress western jeans, he's dressed with his sport coat and his blue jeans. So let me tell you what happened I laughed but he didn't think it was very funny. He had to go through a stress test at Lubbock just before Christmas, and the instructions were wear loose fitting clothes, well couldn't he wear his jeans, no Joe it said, Loose fitting clothes, so we went to Abilene to a store to buy him one pair, notice I said one pair, of loose fitting clothes, didn't know if I could find some long enough because all of you that know Joe he is six foot six, although if you ask him how tall he is he will say, "five foot eighteen!!!!!!!!' They just look at him strange and keep going. Anyway I did find him some long enough, got the jacket to match, the pants that has the pretty stripe down the side, want to try them on, no they will fit , he really didn't care if they fit or not!!!!!! Well when we got home he put them on and I said, "Oh Joe you look so nice in them !!!!!! He just looked at me and said, "My jeans feel better!!!!' Well the morning we got to the hospital he looked around and said, "He has his jeans on!!!!' I said, "Well he is probably here for something else, don't worry about it. He came through the stress with flying colors, it was 11:30 and I said, "Are you ready to eat, I know your hungry haven't at anything for 24 hours?" No I'm not going to eat, I'm going to the motel and put on my jeans!!!!!!! I just died laughing just could not hold it any longer, you would have thought he had been in misery with those "loose fitting clothes" on!!!!!! So Gary Joe knows how you feel about your jeans, only I bet you don't have the same problem he has, we have a hard time finding them long enough for him, have to go to a store in Snyder to find them and they only order one pair and we go get them.

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