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"Humor is mankind's greatest blessing."~ Mark Twain

Blank paper and blank walls bother me a lot. I can't stand them, and I always have to find something to break the silence of plain old white and make it pop. Putting words on paper is easy, but finding the right picture to put on the wall is challenging and can be costly .

. I've searched and searched, but nothing would work until I happened upon a framed 5ft. x 2ft. wall-art inscribed with, "Blessed" in large black letters on a white background. The price was perfect, but it would take grace and creativity to get it in and out of the shopping cart without scratching it or busting a knuckle or two.

With a hammer and a few nails, it finally filled the blank on the dining room wall exactly where it was needed. Unfortunately, asking someone how they are and getting "I'm blessed" as a reply is one of those Christianese overused phrases that really bugs me, especially when stated with a tone of"I'm perfect, and so is my life, and if you can't relate, then there's something wrong with you," as if we Christians are above it all. I may be dropping off into a rabbit hole to say this, but I always wonder how that phrase would sound to someone who may have lost their job, their dog died, had their car repossessed, or other life catastrophes happen to them. Now that I got that off my chest, I feel better. Thank you.

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