Voting by mail may cause issues for some Fisher County Democrats

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While the Democratic and Republican parties are getting out applications for voters to cast ballots by mail, registered Fisher County Democrats won’t find local candidates on their mail-in ballots as local contested races consist of only four Republicans. However, voters still have time to get the mail-in ballots they need to make their vote count in the 2020 March Primary.

Absentee — or mailin — voters are those who meet one of three specific criteria: 65 years of age or older, having a disability, or expecting to be absent from the county. Although, those who meet these criteria, reside in Fisher County precincts 1 and 3, and belong to the Democratic Party, may wish to request a Republican ballot to participate in local elections.

In Precinct 1 Commissioner’s race, candidate Dakota Rasberry is up against incumbent Gordon Pippin, both of whom are filed as Republicans. In Precinct 3 Commissioner’s race, candidate Georgie McGough is up against incumbent Preston Martin, also filed as Republicans.

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