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Well grab you a second glass of tea this morning I'm late, I've been helping Joe in the yard, or he's been helping me one, he was going to mow and I said, "Wait a minute take the lawn mower in the front and get down some of the prim roses so I won't have as many to hoe down." So we did that then he said, "Didn't you want the bird bath by the humming bird feeders?" So we got that done, so while he's moving I'm getting to visit with all of you. We got up late this morning it was 8:00 before we hit the floor, we were so tired from the weekend we can hardly wiggle time we got home. The kids at Lubbock said, 'Dad there are no sickness at Buffalo Springs lake, you will just be here with us, and it will be okay." So we left Saturday morning carrying a cooked brisket, a cooker full of pinto beans, a crock pot of cheese sauce to eat for snacks, and a batch of peanut butter cookies and we had a ball. Joe and his little great granddaughter who is 7, got to fish as long as they wanted, and let me tell you she is a little fisherman, she didn't want us to come home she wanted to stay with grandpa Joe. Her mother said, "Lyondon you can't, he has to go home and you have one more week of school!!!' That little lip come out, and Mama said, "Okay no lessons no fishing with Grandpa Joe when he comes back." So she straightened up right quick loved him and said, "Please Grandma Carol will you let Grandpa Joe come and fish with me!!!!!!' I laughed and said, "When Grandpa Joe wants to come will come but you be sure and finish your school work!!!!" It blew my mind what their Mother is doing for them on that school work. Ashley said, "Carol I have thought of everything to keep them busy things that they can do music, extra things, art, and she thought will a garden planted like an art canvas!!!!! So she said they had a flower bed, and her and the two kids got out there and planted the garden like an art project, and the teachers bragged on them, she said, "I'm nearly going nuts trying to get it all done glad I only have two."


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