Fulfilling Our Purpose


So He said, “I am God, the God of your father; do not fear to go down to Egypt, for I will make of you a great nation there. (Gen 46:3 NKJV): Joseph was a servant of God that stayed faithful during the low and high points of his life and God used him in His plan to create the nation of Israel. Joseph was sold into slavery by his brothers, and then thrown in prison after being falsely accused of attempted rape. After serving some years in prison he was brought before the Pharaoh to interpret a dream. By interpreting the Pharaoh’s dream, he ultimately saved Egypt during a drought that devastated the entire region. The Pharaoh was so grateful to Joseph that he was made second in charge of Egypt.

Being given such a high position in Egypt did not cause Joseph to stop serving the Lord. He forgave his brothers for selling him into slavery when they came to Egypt looking for grain. When the Pharaoh learned that Joseph had a family; he insisted that they relocate from Canaan to the best land in Egypt. This was the beginning of the nation of Israel.

Joseph did not let life’s circumstances affect his faith in God. Being sold into slavery and then unjustly thrown in prison must have been extremely discouraging but He kept his faith in God. Joseph also remained faithful when he was placed in a position of authority in Egypt. As a result, Joseph accomplished his part in establishing the nation of Israel. What a great example of our Father working all things to the good for those who love Him.

It is inevitable that we will all go through hard times in life. As children of God, we can be assured that God is guiding us to a purpose if we keep our faith in Him. It is normal for us to go through times of suffering and discouragement on our Christian journey. We must keep our faith in God and lean on the comfort from the Holy Spirit during these times. God has a unique purpose for all His children but sometimes fulfilling His purpose requires us to pass through seasons of trials and tribulations. Christians should encourage each other as we take our turns walking through these low valleys.

God will also turn the hardships of non-Christians into great victories when we surrender our lives to Christ. Times of severe distress seem to provide us the clearest view of the cross when we repent and turn to God. Our Father can take our worst situations and turn them into our greatest victories when we put our trust in Him. He will set us on our own special and unique purpose when we repent and are baptized. For more information on fulfilling your purpose: Pray, read your bible every day and go to church this Sunday.